# Profile

I'm a Software Engineer with high self quality standard having 6 years of professional work experience as Backend developer with strong track record of designing, developing, and optimizing complex software systems. I have a deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and database management.

# Work

Experience: 6 years

Previous: Product Engineer (Framework team) @Chargebee (opens new window)

Current: Lead Software Engineer (Backend & Flutter) @Nymble (opens new window)

# Skills

Data Structures & Algorithms ⭐️

# Backend ⭐️

Java, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB and GraphQL.

# Frontend

Javascript/HTML/CSS, Typescript, VueJS (Vuex, VuePress) & Flutter

# Flutter ⭐️

Libraries and Frameworks:

  • Get It, BLoC, Providers
  • Shared Preferences, Hive
  • FlutterFire
  • GraphQL
  • Test driven development

# Android

Languages: Java and Kotlin

Libraries and Frameworks:

  • Architecture components (MVVM)
  • Material Design components
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Dagger2
  • RxJava2

Also adapting to Hilt library

# Tech Stack

MEVN - MongoDB, Express, VueJs, Node

I prefer Firebase for my personal projects, instead of MongoDB.

# Infrastructure

  • Google Cloud Platform (including Firebase)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Git (GitHub & GitLab)
  • Docker

# Practices

Scrum and CI/CD

# Tools

Android Studio, VSCode, IntelliJ

Notion, Slack, Jira and Gsuite.


RaspberryPi (Hobby)

# Contact

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